How to use Reset this PC to easily reinstall Windows 10

Windows PC administrators can use it for gameplay recording and desktop recording. Check out the options that I have marked in the list. Make sure to play around with the recording options because that’s what decides how the overall output quality is going to be. Make sure to enable in-game replay because that’s how you control the application.

You can use psexec.exe or rsh tool to run this command remotely on the servers. Run the below WMIC command to get OS version and the service pack number. As you can see above, ver command shows only OS version but not the service pack number.

Windows Basics: All About Windows

Taking screenshots on Windows 7,8 or 10 is a fun process that doesn’t require you to be a tech geek. Each method of creating screenshots we described in this article is equally effective, so anyone can choose the one they find the most convenient. The Snipping Tool is a program that is part of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Window 8. Snipping Tool allows you to take selections of your windows or desktop and save them as snips, or screen shots, on your computer.

  • Again, note that Windows 11 might not be available for your device because ofhardware requirements.
  • There are two major options to note, PC Refresh and PC Reset.
  • AnyDesk is not only compatible with Windows 10 and older.

To remove one, click it once to show the Uninstall option, then click the “Uninstall” button. Certain Windows 10 apps can’t be uninstalled the normal way–they have to be removed with PowerShell commands. This command shows you all the list of installed built-in applications under the PowerShell Window. You can also get the complete list as a text file by using the below command while you use PowerShell.

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Users are lured into download/installation with promises of various “handy” functions. However, in most cases, these features are nonfunctional. Zip Like a Pro is a rogue browser extension that our researchers discovered while inspecting dubious download pages. This piece of software source is presented as a tool designed to extract files and compress them into various formats.

Are you still using Torrent software, such as UTorrent and BitTorrent, on a Windows device? Technically, you can still use them, but the days of old-style Torrent clients seem numbered. If you want to use one, go for a pre-approved torrent app on the Microsoft Store. They not only have a better, modern GUI but also offer access to legitimate and legal torrent download links. They are sure to not cause any red flags with Windows.