10 Best Practices for a DevOps Team Structure

Occasionally called “NoOps”, this is commonly seen in technology companies with a single, primary digital product, like Facebook or Netflix. This can even take the form of “you build it, you run it”, with the same individuals developing and operating applications. Keep your existing development and IT operations teams intact, with a separate DevOps team that operates alongside and coordinates activities with them. With this approach, developers and engineers retain their identities and independence as you integrate DevOps into the overall organization. However, you’ll have to build a new DevOps team from scratch and convince other teams to work with it.

devops team structure

Whether it’s with two pizzas in a conference room or the adoption of real-time collaboration tools and easily updated documentation, organizations must make an effort to bring DevOps teams together. The particular activities and tasks will vary, depending on the existing corporate culture, proximity to like-minded IT folks and leadership. Get ideas from the experts’ advice below, and formulate a plan to introduce everyone to DevOps, get them excited about it and ensure ongoing communication.

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Therefore, release managers play a huge role as discipline holders in a crew. This person should be both the front runner of the organization and the leader for teams that are passionate about the process and the company as a whole. He or she should also determine the key values that IT can offer to the business. An evangelist needs to make sure that the product is highly available in the pre-production and production system and is being released frequently. There is no universally right or wrong way to integrate DevOps into your organizational structure, but you’ll want to think carefully about your resources and culture before committing to a particular DevOps team structure.

  • Both dev and ops also have a connected lifecycle and change management process.
  • A DevOps Engineer has a background in systems engineering or computer science.
  • Organizations will have to choose the steps and structures that work best for them.
  • Even if you find a team that you work well with, once the project is over, you’re no longer with that team.
  • The Agile Business Analyst is one of the critical job roles for a pure DevOps team.
  • Encourage open communication, sharing of ideas, and cross-functional collaboration to foster a sense of teamwork.
  • By tracking these metrics over time, you can assess the success of your DevOps implementation and identify areas for improvement.

Doing DevOps in Public Cloud does require a team to define the public cloud architecture in terms of using the right resources. The extent, strength, and effectiveness of technical https://globalcloudteam.com/devops-team-structure-secrets-of-successful-implementation/ leadership; whether Dev and Ops have a shared goal. The Temporary DevOps Team looks substantially like Anti-Type B , but its intent and longevity are quite different.

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This is a variation of Type 5 , but with the distinction that the DevOps team operates continuously, focusing specifically on fostering collaboration and cooperation between the Dev and Ops teams. Individuals within this team are often referred to as “DevOps Advocates” as they play a crucial role in promoting awareness of DevOps practices. In a Type 2 team topology, Operations personnel are fully integrated into product development teams, blurring the lines between Dev and Ops. While this can be seen as a form of Type 1 , it possesses some distinctive characteristics.

devops team structure

This template is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about Devops or build a Devops team of their own. In some ways, the work performed by QA engineers might seem at odds with other DevOps goals. Inefficient software testing introduces delays to the CI/CD process, which hampers the fundamental DevOps goal of CD. To support DevOps most effectively, QA engineers should understand how to uphold software quality and create minimal disruptions for other DevOps processes. This approach is commonly called “NoOps” as it removes the need for a distinct operations team.

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We will examine each role’s responsibility and how they contribute to the team’s success. As teams grow, individual productivity decreases, but you’re more resilient to sickness, holidays, and team members moving on to new roles. Ensure the underlying infrastructure and platforms can effectively support the services through capacity and availability planning, monitoring, and optimization.

devops team structure

AWS offers services that assist you in implementing DevOps at your organization. These solutions automate tedious activities, help teams manage complicated settings at scale, and keep engineers in charge of DevOps’ high velocity. Good QA engineers can also write efficient tests that run quickly and automatically. They should know the ins and outs of test automation frameworks, such as Selenium, and be skilled in how to write tests that cover a lot of ground but that don’t require a long time to run.

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Some companies use a custom model that assumes having a certain practice for transferring software from Dev to an additional team, responsible for further operations called SRE . As well, Ops will be responsible for generating and cultivating new solutions, aimed at reducing the development and deployment times and pass on that information to Devs. It’s important to remember that even with a robust DevOps team structure, your organization needs to have a solid backup plan for when things don’t go exactly right. This approach is brilliant for teams who cannot change rapidly and is designed to slowly instil the DevOps philosophy into existing teams. This team is still considered a development team and follows established practices such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, iterative development, mentorship, etc. This is commonly an agreed uptime benchmark (often 99%) – creating an “error budget”.

They had minimal IT resources and their DevOps practice was not as effective as expected. Cox Automotive wanted to build a DevOps team that encouraged both the creation and consumption of reusable assets––enabling the growing number of acquired companies to leverage assets effectively and securely. This strategy will cost more and will lead to a larger overall IT organization, which is why it tends to work better for enterprises than for SMBs. The trade-off for the high investment that this model demands is organizations get a team that makes DevOps its sole priority.

What Team Structure is Right for DevOps to Flourish?

What used to take a long time of manual arrangement and tuning by profoundly gifted experts, is now possible in only hours. Engineers take a lead handling the whens, wheres, whos, and hows of a project, briefing everyone on the objectives. The above is merely a representation of the type of KPIs that organizations can measure for and these will differ depending on the needs of an organization. Under this model, the organization as a whole embraces DevOps and CI/CD, with everyone “owning” these responsibilities equally.